BeamOn™ - Survival Laser Pen

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Do You Want To Have A Laser Pen So Strong It Can LIGHT A FIRE?

  • Perfect For Camping Or Staying In The Outdoors

  • Simple And Easy Handling

  • State-Of-The-Art Technology

Just What You Need!

If you are in need of a super-efficient pointer laser pen for camping because you can use it instead of a lighter to make a fire with it!

BeamOn™ adopts the latest technology optics and microelectronics for the highest quality possible.

It focused the light beam creating enough heat to replace a lighter. Point to a bunch of straw or dry leaves and you'll see smoke coming up.

And if you have matches, it can also light matches in the wild!

One Click Away!

BeamOn™ is extremely simple to use.

It's lightweight, power-saving, and it fits your pocket perfectly. The pointer has a non-slip texture to ensure the perfect grip.

You just press the button and the beam is shining out.

Laser range is from 2000 to 5000 meters, enabling you to stay visible and signal for help even if you're very far away from others. And you can adjust the focus for a sharper beam.

Can't get any simpler than this!

BeamOn™ is the latest release in the field of pointer laser pens.

Its 100% brand-new high quality and perfect design are a guarantee of your satisfaction.

But that's not all...

With the laser pen, you also get a battery PLUS a battery charger, so that you always have a working pen with you, in all situations.

And there is also a safety key coming - so that you ensure the pen is used only when you want. 

This gadget is designed to last longer and work perfectly!

Have The Perfect Laser Pen For The Wild! - Get BeamOn™ NOW!